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Never Give Up, Never Surrender: Cosplay After 40

This is a weird one for you. I wanted some fake onions for my Benjamin Bunny cosplay, but shockingly enough, fake onions aren’t very popular at the craft stores these days. Luckily, fake pomegranates are. So I bought some and by the grace of god and massive amounts of glue and tissue paper, I did it! I give you….onions.


My cosplay wing tutorial is now complete!  I tried to cover as much of my process as possible for making feathered wings. I hope you find this helpful :)

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I am working on cosplay! I have the opportunity to meet Holly Conrad in a month and I’d love to take Squirrel Girl and this with me to do so. It’s Benjamin Bunny from The Tales of Peter Rabbit. It’s looking perfect so far and I just need a bit of time to work on it. :)

Cosplay Tutorial - Warding Off The Con Flu


You have the best weekend of your life and then it hits: the dreaded con flu. 

You’re in a convention hall with hundreds or thousands of attendees, you’re touching everything, everyone else is touching everything, someone came with the sniffles - it all leads to you catching some sort of cold. While most of the time the con flu is a light cold, there have been cases where people have caught something more severe. It’s not convention exclusive, it can happen at music festivals and other events, but it’s a well known side effect of attending a con. 

We’re not without hope! There are precautions you can take to help prevent you from getting sick! 

What are your tips to keep the con flu away?

For me, I start preparing my body about 2 weeks before a con. Make sure I’m drinking plenty of water leading up to convention weekend. I eat as many fruits and veggies as I can and I sleep as decently as I can. I also swear by Airborne immune boosting supplements (please take them accordingly and don’t overdose).

Sometimes you can’t prevent getting sick, but do your best. I know it’s tempting to push yourself all weekend especially if you only get to go to one or two cons a year, but it’s not worth being ill for a week or missing work afterwards either. Sleep. Take breaks. Use the toilet in your hotel room instead of public restrooms when you can. Listen to your body and for the love of all things holy, don’t live off ramen and pocky all weekend.

Powerpuff Girls (aka Partypuff Girls) - Colossalcon 2014

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Octi - Himself

Fandom Fest was such a blast. Louisville is a great town full of brilliantly friendly and kind people. I debuted my Squirrel Girl cosplay and everyone had such amazing compliments for it. Thanks for such a great time!


Here it is, as I promised!

So, my first tutorial I actually put some time into doing.
I would be ever so happy if people would tell me what they like/don’t like about it so I know in the future how to adjust it. If there is anything you wish to know about it, just ask.
I know the Pictures look kinda… bad, but I did what I could with what I had and I, atleast, loved the outcome. I have a new pair of “frillies” and I love them and I tried my best to do this tutorial as simple to follow as possible.

When making this, I used a fabric with cotton/linen mix.
Thats why it gets so wrinkly so fast, but its still a good fabric for undergarment since it breath and is very soft. This tutorial is a basic, so you can decorate your bloomers as much as you wish and in any way you wish.

When following this tutorial, I used the pattern for mens torusers to make the bloomers a bit more casual. I also made the waistline lower, since I don’t really like when things are to tight around my waist. I guess I’m sensetive.

Good luck with your sewing and don’t forget to comment and “follow”. :D

I’ll be using this tutorial for my Benjamin Bunny cosplay coming up shortly, so I wanted to share it preemptively.

Ok, it’s time for an ears tutorial! Let’s all be woodland creatures now!

So you wanna be an animal..or partially an animal..fine, you just want ears because they’re super cute and you’re over the faun thing. I’ve got your back. Of course, there are tons of different ears out there and there are simpler ways to do this, but…let’s take our ears up to 11. Or 7.

What you need:

  • fabric for the interior and exterior of your ears (this can vary depending on what you want but I used faux fur and felt)
  • plastic canvas
  • armature wire
  • sewing machine, thread, needles, scissors

First! Figure out the shape of your animal’s ears. Remember, ears aren’t flat (usually). They’re fully three-dimensional body parts. Play around with some paper first and figure out what you want them to look like.

I chose rabbit ears. I could do this more easily by flattening them but I wanted them more realistic. I cut out the pieces.image

I cut out 2 pieces for the interior of the ear of felt, 2 for the exterior of faux fur, and I also cut out 2 pattern pieces out of plastic canvas. The plastic canvas…let’s talk about that for a sec. Plastic canvas is that stuff that old ladies make tissue box covers out of or book marks. Not insulting them, we’re just using it for a different purpose. Try to buy the plastic canvas with the finest or smallest grid possible. We’ll be using this on the inside of the ears as a support for the ear, the “cartilage” if you will. Just trust me on this.

imageSew your ear fabrics together, right sides in. Flip them right-sides out. They’re pretty cute just like that! But…let’s push ourselves further.


Look at my nail polish! I’m in love with it. But back to business. Now here is where the whole process sloooooowwwwssss way down. You want to stitch your armature wire to the plastic canvas. Leave at least 4 inches of wire on both ends of the plastic canvas. But why are we wasting our time with this? It makes perfect sense! I promise. Basically, what I’m trying to do here is eliminate a need for extra stitching on the outside of the ear once it’s finished and allow the wire to move the entire ear with the plastic canvas support like a real ear would move. You’ll also be able to position and reposition this all you want.


Stick the whole plastic canvas/wire thingy inside the pocket of your ears. Whoa! You’ve got ears! I left a few inches of wire on both ends of the plastic canvas. This is important because you can then either wrap the wire around a headband and plop it on your head OR you can stick the wires through a wig and onto a headband for support and an invisible way to attach it. You could also sew it directly onto a wig. My ears are too tall for this and need the extra support of a headband under my wig, but whatever you choose to do is all personal preference.

You should totally add a flower crown because that will be all like woodland creature royalty stuff. Just saying.

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