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I made a Strexpet. At least what I imagine what a Strexpet looks like. His name is Fuzzy McNubbins. I’m gonna throw sticks at him and feed him mice.

8 Squirrel Girl Cosplays - Cos Couture

Yay! I was featured and that’s super cool, flattering and awesome! I’m in amazing company too!

Thermoplastics: A Guide



This is going to serve as a general guide to different types of thermoplastics. It will cover their optimal uses and techniques that apply to each specific type of thermoplastic.

The reason I’ve decided to create this comprehensive guide is a strange trend that I and several of my cosplayer friends have noticed in the community: you’re all making this way harder than it needs to be.

Worbla doesn’t really need craft foam sandwiched in it, heat guns are not the optimal way to shape large sheets of thermoplastic, and finishing thermoplastic doesn’t have to be a 20 step process. 

It’s fantastic that cosplayers have come up with their own ways to do things and the community has done some serious innovation with many techniques that the professional world could really learn from. However, I come from a theatrical costuming background (as well as a cosplay background), and they’ve been using thermoplastics longer than most of us nerds have been alive. In fact, the reason thermoplastics have been a valued material in the industry is because the ease and speed with which they can be used. At the speed y’all use worbla, I may as well be paper macheing the damn armor. 

This guide will be organized by type of thermoplastic, but I recommend reading through the entire thing and not just skipping to the type you’re thinking about using because there’s a chance that a different type might actually be suited to your needs!

Happy reading! <3

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Ears are finally attached to my Benjamin Bunny wig. I’m quite happy about it. Also I made the pattern for my Strexpet. It’ll look less like a toaster when it’s made out of fabric. And…my endless distraction, my niece. And no, I’m not letting her drink a coke. She’s just rubbing her gums on a cold unopened can…because babies are weird.

Why I don't like 'Audience Vote' Run Cosplay Contests Online


As many of you may, or may not know- I distinctly have come to dislike contests that use ‘likes’ or ‘votes’ from public audiences in order to judge a winner. Recently I had to explain to someone my distaste for them and why I wont enter things like ‘Otaku House’, and why I run Limelight…

Benjamin Bunny is pretty much done. Still don’t have the wig yet though

Progress on Benjamin Bunny is moving right along. Makeup tests, jacket trim upgrades and a tail! I’m getting very excited about this one. Also I have a studio photo shoot next week. I’m very excited and very nervous.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender: Cosplay After 40

This is a weird one for you. I wanted some fake onions for my Benjamin Bunny cosplay, but shockingly enough, fake onions aren’t very popular at the craft stores these days. Luckily, fake pomegranates are. So I bought some and by the grace of god and massive amounts of glue and tissue paper, I did it! I give you….onions.